Selected web and mobile development case studies

Unicatalog is an innovative mobile app that revolutionizes the way consumers browse and interact with weekly sales flyers from supermarket chains becoming an essential tool for shoppers in multiple countries.
XLAB has developed an innovative solution that streamlines the management and interpretation of lab results, bridging the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers.
Auchan HU&PL
Auchan, a major international retailer, has implemented a comprehensive webshop software that provides a seamless shopping experience for customers across two countries.
Fair Pay Control
Fair Pay Control, a startup offering a B2B invoice tracking service, helps companies ensure that their clients pay invoices on time, resulting an improved cash flow and financial stability for their clients.
Instacash, a startup initially focused on offering a white-label personal loan calculator and marketplace, has successfully pivoted to become a leading Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service provider in Central Europe
Rentingo set out on a mission to transform the real estate industry by introducing trust and transparency into the long-term rental market and made a meaningful impact on the lives of landlords and tenants alike.
ERP4SD has successfully addressed the challenges faced by digital agencies, providing a comprehensive ERP solution that streamlines project management and profitability analysis.

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