Unicatalog - A brand-independent loyalty mobile app

Unicatalog is an innovative mobile app that revolutionizes the way consumers browse and interact with weekly sales flyers from leading supermarket chains, such as Lidl, Aldi, Auchan, and Tesco. Developed using Flutter and backed by a robust Kotlin and Spring framework, Unicatalog goes beyond simply aggregating promotional content; it intelligently learns users' preferences, streamlines loyalty cards, and offers multilingual support. The app successfully launched in just three months, quickly becoming an essential tool for shoppers in multiple countries.
Project timeline
From concept to launch, the development of Unicatalog took only three months. The team's expertise and use of innovative technology facilitated a rapid and efficient process, ultimately resulting in a highly functional and user-friendly product.
Key Features
Comprehensive Collection: Unicatalog compiles weekly flyers from a diverse range of supermarket chains, providing users with a single, easily accessible source for all their promotional needs.
Future Sales Preview: The app grants users access to upcoming sales promotions, empowering them to effectively plan their shopping trips and take advantage of the best deals available.
Push Notifications: Unicatalog's push notification feature ensures users receive timely reminders about sales they're interested in, reducing the likelihood of missing out on desired items.
Integrated Loyalty Card Storage: By allowing users to store their loyalty cards for various supermarket chains, Unicatalog eliminates the need to download and manage multiple retailer-specific apps.
Multilingual Support and International Availability: Catering to a global user base, Unicatalog is available in multiple countries and offers multilingual support, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of location or language.
Advanced Data Model: Unicatalog's innovative data model connects abstract products to actual sales items, enabling the app to learn each user's preferences and notify them about future promotions that may interest them.
Powerful Data Backend: Unicatalog's data-driven backend generates valuable insights based on user behavior, fostering continuous improvement and an enhanced user experience.
By centralizing and streamlining access to supermarket sales flyers, Unicatalog has become an indispensable tool for smart shoppers. Its array of features, including loyalty card storage, multilingual support, and personalized push notifications, simplifies the shopping experience while helping users save time and money.
Unicatalog represents the future of retail, leveraging innovative technology and a data-driven approach to reshape the shopping landscape. By intelligently connecting consumers with relevant promotions and streamlining the management of loyalty cards, the app delivers a superior user experience that transcends borders and languages.
Provided Services
Service Design, UX-UI Design
Development, QA
Support & Maintainance

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