Auchan Hungary and Poland - FMCG ecommerce solution from webshop to backoffice and more

Auchan, a major international retailer, has implemented a comprehensive retail web shop software that provides a seamless shopping experience for customers across two countries.
Offering a wide range of food and non-food products, the platform features dynamic delivery options, real-time inventory management and powerful integrations with various enterprise systems. Initially developed for one country, the system's success led to its expansion into Poland, proving its adaptability and scalability.
Project timeline
The collaboration began with a dedicated development team, which took six months to launch the first version of the webshop software. This successful partnership has continued for several years, evolving the platform in response to business needs and market trends.
Key Features
Dynamic Delivery Options: The platform allows customers to book delivery timeslots and offers dynamically-priced shipping options, ensuring maximum convenience and flexibility. Real-time Inventory Management: Integrations with stock management systems enable real-time updates, preventing out-of-stock issues and improving overall customer satisfaction. Darkstore and Store Picking Support: The webshop software supports both darkstore operations and in-store picking, providing efficient order fulfillment and faster delivery times. Multiple Payment and Loyalty Options: Customers can choose from a range of payment methods, including loyalty card payments, offering a tailored shopping experience. Order Editing: The system allows customers to edit their orders up until the last moment before logistics teams start processing them, providing maximum flexibility. Replacement Product Logic: In case an item is out of stock, the platform suggests suitable replacement products, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory customer experience. Comprehensive Integration Capabilities: The platform's standard interfaces enable seamless integration with various corporate systems, including PIM, CRM, and ERP software, such as Navision and Salesforce. Wide Range of Promotions: The system offers an extensive selection of cross-compatible promotions and recalculates cart prices upon each user interaction, encouraging customer engagement and sales. Modern, Mobile-First Interface: The platform's responsive design prioritizes the mobile user experience, catering to the ever-growing number of mobile shoppers. Mobile App with Push Notifications: The system includes a feature-rich mobile app that supports all webshop features, as well as push notifications, keeping users informed and engaged.
The Auchan retail webshop software harnesses state-of-the-art technology, including PHP 8 and the Symfony framework, to create a high-performance, scalable, and maintainable backend. Embracing cloud-native architecture, the platform runs on Microsoft Azure using Docker, ensuring seamless deployment and scalability. Redis and VueJS further enhance the system's efficiency, enabling rapid data processing and delivering a responsive, user-friendly frontend experience.
Auchan's webshop solution has significantly improved the shopping experience for customers, driving increased sales and customer loyalty. Its expansion into Poland demonstrates the platform's scalability and adaptability, paving the way for potential future growth.
Auchan's digital store showcases the power of a comprehensive, adaptable, and scalable e-commerce solution for omnichannel retail success. With its diverse range of features and seamless integration with corporate systems, the platform delivers a superior shopping experience that benefits both the retailer and its customers."
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Development, QA
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