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Shaping the Central European BNPL Landscape through Advanced Technology and Agile Collaboration
Instacash, a startup initially focused on providing a white-label personal loan calculator and marketplace, has successfully transitioned to become a leading provider of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services in Central Europe.
Recognizing the growing demand for BNPL solutions, Instacash leveraged its existing platform and expertise to develop a comprehensive, easy-to-integrate and secure service for both banks and webshops. The evolution and expansion of the platform has been made possible through continuous collaboration, feature development and team growth.
Project Timeline and Collaboration:
The initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development took 4 months, laying the foundation for a successful, ongoing collaboration. Throughout the partnership, new features have been added to the platform, and Instacash's internal developer team has grown with the help of training from our team. Currently, both teams are working together to drive the project forward.
Key Features
Flexible Personal Loan Application: Post-MVP, the platform's main feature was a highly customizable personal loan application system, designed with feature flags and parametrization. These options allowed the platform to adapt to various use cases, ensuring versatility and usability for Instacash's clients.
Intuitive Backoffice Interface: Instacash's backoffice interface empowers their team to manage feature flags and parameters with ease, offering granular control over the platform's functionality.
End-to-End Solution: In partnership with Instacash, our team provided comprehensive support, covering UX/UI design, system planning, development, and operations. This full-service approach allowed Instacash to focus on their business vision while we handled the technical implementation.
Seamless Integration: Instacash's BNPL solution offers easy integration with webshops and other service providers, enabling a streamlined and efficient onboarding process.
Credit Scoring Capabilities: The platform's built-in credit scoring functionality ensures accurate and reliable risk assessment for financial institutions and e-commerce retailers.
White-Label User Interface: The VueJS-based user interface allows clients to customize the platform's appearance to align with their brand identity, delivering a consistent user experience.
Scalable and Secure Backend: Instacash's Java and Spring backend ensures top-tier performance and security, meeting the needs of banks, e-commerce retailers, and customers alike.
Regulatory Compliance: The system operates under the governance of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) in a regulated legal environment, providing a secure and compliant solution for clients.
Regular Security Audits: Instacash's platform undergoes routine security audits to maintain the highest level of data protection and compliance with industry standards.
Instacash's pivot to offering BNPL services has positioned the company as a key player in Central Europe's BNPL market. By providing an easily integrable, secure, and customizable solution, Instacash has successfully attracted multiple client banks and webshops.
Instacash's journey from a personal loan platform to a market-leading BNPL service provider highlights the power of innovation, adaptability, and collaboration in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape. Through our continued partnership, we've provided an end-to-end solution, allowing Instacash to concentrate on their business goals while together, we deliver a robust, customizable, and compliant platform that drives growth and success in the BNPL sector.
Provided Services
Service Design, UX-UI Design
Development, QA
Support & Maintainance

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