LogiNet Systems Kft. is a well known Hungarian and UK based company with a team of 90+ IT professionals, developing custom web and mobile applications. With more than 15 years of professional experience behind us, we have helped numerous small, medium, and market-leading large companies to start or restart their digital frontend systems.
As a development company, in addition to comprehensive knowledge of B2C solutions, we also have the expertise and routine necessary for serving the B2B market. Our regular clients include significant global companies like Auchan and Vodafone. Whether it's mobile, portal, or web applications, with the help of our experts, we find and implement the best solution tailored to your business needs within the agreed timeframe.
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Several of our major clients have been partnering with us for over a decade.
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LogiNet came into existence as an idea from two fresh graduate software engineers over the first few garage-made web applications back in 2007, which was followed by the official establishment of the company in 2008. Since then, our team of over ninety excellent professionals, including software developers, project managers, consultants, and designers, has been built; we've managed to double our revenue every two years; through successful developments created for our large corporate partners, we have gained unique experience in e-commerce.
The secret to our success hasn't changed over the years: our company is large enough to deliver quality software on time and within a fixed budget; however, it is small enough to handle new challenges flexibly and boldly.
We don't work merely for satisfied customers. We aim to dazzle our partners with our services. That's why we not only deliver software tailored to individual needs, ensuring competitive advantage. We share our market experience with our partners, the perspective, methodology, and digitalization logic that can help them succeed and further develop in this field.

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Thanks to our years of development experience, we find the ideal digital solution even for the most complex business questions. Based on the comprehensive business needs assessment of our consulting and UX consulting team, we recommend an e-commerce solution for your business that best fits your business operations. With our comprehensive solutions, we continue to support the growth of your business in the future.
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